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Yelody, a new paradigm in the karaoke industry

Yelody Yelody Yelody Yelody
한 단계 더 진화 된 노래방 플랫폼

The karaoke platform
taking a step further

The Yelody platform is an objective and transparent next-generation platform that makes use of blockchains to perform tasks more than just singing, such as supporting a live broadcast, providing a donation feature through communication with fans, mining by participating in different ecosystems, issuing NFT, etc.

By providing various usage environments and rewards centering around the platform, and with the goal of expanding throughout the world, Yelody aims to take a leap forward as a leading platform opening up new karaoke cultures with the technology and knowledge that have been accumulated so far.


The Yelody application is a global karaoke service providing backing tracks from a major karaoke company in Korea and possesses the most number of backing tracks in the world.

  • 숏폼 영상
    Video shorts
  • 라이브 방송
    live broadcast
  • 뮤직 피드
    Music Feed
  • 노래방
  • 듀엣 콜라보
  • 지역기반 내 노래랭킹
    Social Media features


Yelody platform is planning to feature YeloPay based on the existing payment services provided by major karaoke companies.

YeloPay service is expected to open to overcome the inconvenience of having to take out cash in a hurry to use karaokes and coin-operated karaokes by utilizing the platform-provided wallets and YELO tokens in your possession to provide payments for offline karaokes, coin payments, a points system, etc.


Yelody differentiates itself from the existing karaoke platform by implementing the mining system that rewards participating in the ecosystem through user activities such as singing through devices linked with YeloPay–an original platform–uploading videos, etc., and provides a circular environment for the users to continuously use the platform.



Various NFTs are provided in the Yelody application, such as video shorts of celebrities, NFTs of celebrities and influencers in action on live broadcasts, limited-run NFTs of record jackets when new records are released, NFTs of the top rankers that have received many views and recommendations from users, etc.

In addition, through the Yelo NFT Marketplace, anticipated to be updated, various products or services for purchase will be provided, such as records, goods, blockchain items that raise the value of NFTs, etc., of the artists who are affiliated with Yelody.


Yelody, which is already being developed and operated under the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum protocol, is planning to develop an original mainnet service with knowledge and technical skill gathered from operating related businesses over the years.

After the official launch of the Mainnet, the transactions of existing YELOs will be discontinued and the swap into YELOs converted to the Mainnet through the service-original Yelo Wallet will be carried out.



Yelody expects to map out and carry out the following developmental plans regarding the services in each field.

Yelody Application Service
Developing the Yelody karaoke application service in which people from all over the world can freely participate in
Link to Offline karaokes (Establishment of Mining System)
Removing spatial constraints by linking the mobile applications and offline karaokes
YeloPay Service
To be used to pay for the karaoke services, donations, purchasing NFTs, etc., along with using the offline karaokes
YeloMining (Sing2Earn)
A service that allows the mining of a certain amount of Yelody coins when singing on the Yelody App or at an offline karaoke
YeloNFT IP Network
Making various IPs that are derived from the Yelody service into NFTs and expanding the IP business. Expanding various IP-related businesses, such as selling albums through top-tier influencers, creating OSTs, issuing NFTs regarding the live performances done by the actual artists on Yelody, planning online and offline performances both the artists and the fans can participate in, issuing NFTs regarding those performances, etc.
YeloNet (Yelody Mainnet)
Making profits by supporting the development of Dapp by the participating companies of the platform and using various IP-related assets owned by Yelody (music licenses, backing tracks, etc.)
Making profits by turning the coins and IP-related assets of the participating companies of the platform into the NFTs


Token Issuance Plan
Token Issuance Plan
Token Name Yelody Token Symbol YELO
Token Specification ERC-20 Total 5,000,000,000 YELO
Token Issuance Plan
Token Name Yelody
Token Symbol YELO
Token Specification ERC-20
Total 5,000,000,000 YELO
Token Distribution Plan
Token Distribution Plan
  • Team & Advisor (10%)500,000,000 YELO
  • Private (10%)500,000,000 YELO
  • Marketing (10%)500,000,000 YELO
  • Ecosystem (50%)2,500,000,000 YELO
  • Reserve (20%)1,000,000,000 YELO


2022 4Q

  • Whitepaper 1.0
  • Yelody wallet launch
  • Private sales
  • Mint ERC-20

2023 1Q

  • Yelody Beta Launch
  • Listing at global EXC
  • Supporting BEP-20

2023 2Q

  • Yelody Official Launch
  • More listings

2023 3Q

  • Listing in KR EXCH
  • More listings
  • YeloPay Beta launch
  • NFT IP PartnerChain Launch
  • Yelody Mainnet Beta Launch
  • Yelody web3.0 Ecosystem launch

2023 4Q

  • Yelody official Launch(coin swap)
  • Yelody NFT EXC Beta Launch
  • More Listings KR and Global
  • Offline Karaoke mining Beta
  • Offline Yelopay payments commence